Sunday, 18 December 2011

Autobiography of a Chicken

 Note ; This one is not intended to hurt any one's choices or preferences. These are purely my thoughts and you  have every right to differ and yes i am bringing no religion fight over here.                

                 Oho I wasn’t weighty enough to be sold as an egg, so I came into weird place called  world. What I could see were thousand of grownups chickens  around me but no one whom I can call my mom, I was lost and  scared, and finally  I assumed that ,’This must be the most painful phase of my life and will be over soon’.

                 I was taken to a little suffocated warm place where I was stuffed with thousands of other Chiclets .Just got enough space for my feet to stay on ground, feeling congested and terrified, I thought that,’ This must be the most painful phase of my life and will be over soon’.

                   Days passed by and I was taken out of that foul smelly space and was kept in a more foul smelling claustrophobic cage which was just my size, wherein i can’t move a wing, just used to wait for hours for that tiny little tap placed above my head to dispense out that liquid which I had heard will make me grow faster and stronger. And bored of waiting for that yucky shity thing, I thought, ‘definitely yes, this is the most difficult phase of my life and will be over soon’.

                 One day suddenly I was taken for a ride and I was ecstatic than ever, the fresh air outside was like a very new pleasurable experience to me but soon I was with the other one (one of my neighbor) tied to the holder behind the bike by our single limb. My face was in front of the carburetor and even though I was breathing some black air but I was happy as I was busy watching many new colors around . While the smoke was choking me to death, I thought, ‘let’s wait till bike stops maybe if I wouldn’t die this most painful phase of my life will be over’.

                  Soon I found myself in a cage with 10 others stuffed together like cotton in a quilt …….’it’s night lets sleep’, I thought and for that I have to just close my eyes. Next day I was woken with a screeching sound and I don’t know what happened to him he was with me in the farm and came here with me why he was taken into the room and what’s that sound , I was feeling very weak  and suffocated,  pee and poop of all those from above cage was making me wet and dirty and I thought ’This must be the most painful phase of my life will be over soon’  . But I forgot the agony as soon as I got my delicious meal which was so much needed. 
           There were lights and people around were happy, I heard that there was some huge festival, I enjoyed when jubilant peoples were watching me with eagerness as if I am special. Sometime in that day, I saw at the garbage bag and I saw his eyes, my partner of the agony, his eyes on his head …but where was the body?? , in a moment A child came to me and start playing with me “father let me take this one he is cute, he will be my pet”…the shaken soul of mine was only thinking,’ please take me and soon this most painful phase of my life will be over’.

             And ohaa as if god was hearing my anguished request, they took me  out and I heard “jhatka or halal”, someone asked, “halal”, a prompt reply came  and I thought yes yes halal let me go with them, no more I want to be in this scary place . While the helper took me to the same room I heard the Child’s upset voice “Papa it will be more painful”, and father consoled “beta halal is what we should eat, it’s healthier and is allowed”.

                I felt a weird numbness, shock and my soul was drenched with horror  “eat, eat….ohh they will be eating me”. A very little time was given to me to fearfully look at that sharp blade  before I felt it in real and I didn’t know why they cut my neck to half and threw me in a blue drum …I was shouting “common I am alive …ahhh”. I was soaked with pain and  in that pool of blood of many other…..and I finally felt the feeling of the most painful phase of my life, I can’t open my eyes as I was drenched with blood oozing out of my neck and that unbearable pain. I kicked, I struggled for nothing, as my limbs weren’t able to fix my sliced neck. And finally I lay there all wet and red dipped in my own blood and facing the roof I was thinking of asking god…”why? My death their festivity?”. With my eyes closing without any of my conscious control the answer struck my mind, “oohhh Yes, the most painful phase of my life will now finally be over”.

 P S:   The silence again took dominance, calmness persisted once again and festivities continued as usual with his death obstructing nothing. Happy they ate his body full of pain, agony and anguish that he felt during his whole lifetime. Life what he was, soul what he had, was lower than our own. The decision to bring him to this world was that of god, but his death was decided by someone’s desire to feast and enjoy.


  1. very reflective one! very well crafted, once again :)

  2. I like the difficult and interesting issues that you chose to tackle in your writing.

  3. Hmn.... interesting read :)

    By the way, thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog and the photographer of the pics was my dear husband :) :)

  4. God, how could u think of all this.All the while i was thinking that he was speaking..really forced to think now do they feel all this?

  5. Reminds me of the KFC video by PETA I guess ..speech by Pamela Anderson
    You wrote brilliantly well sire!!

  6. I could relate to each and everything written by you. It is really disgusting, but seems so right in this world where every day some animal is killed for people's pleasure and health.We have even our Gods feasting on animals, sometimes I wonder, what is wrong with all of us.
    I really have no answers, and I am still searching for some logic behind all this.
    Very beautifully written. It touched my heart.

  7. dats really touching.. Worth reading:) Keep writing:)

  8. Nice read...extremely moving and it does evoke a "guilt" pricking the conscience! Keep going:)

  9. Nice thoughts. You have chosen a great topic. People ignore all this, they don't think about this, but we must. I kinda relate with 'Red Handed' comment.

  10. I was reminded of a KFC video.
    In a way it is kind of sad, the way a chicken lives. But come to think of it, everyone is going to die, be it a squalor on the street or a very effluent man. I was just thinking in my defence of being a non-vegetarian, that the chicken was going to be food for someone (humans or some other predator)anyways, it is a part of the food cycle, then why shy away from it, we humans are still on top of the food cycle. And its a dog eats dog , so you really can't expect people to pamper a chicken before they cut it.
    In fact don't you think it would be more hypocritical if we do that, at least the chicken knew it was going to die all along. Also, if we start hunting for emotions in everything , we can find emotions even in a blade of grass...... don't you think?

  11. Get rid of the captcha man. :/

  12. A very sensitive portrayal...powerful enough to change many minds..enjoyed your thoughts much today! Very interesting to read your introduction as well..
    Thanks for your visit and feed back.

  13. And this is exactly why I quit eating meat when I was 10. Very well written.


  14. It's sad how hen's are tortured!
    Though I love eating chicken, I always feel guilty.

    Thank You for you wishes!

  15. I just hope, you haven't made too many non veggies uncomfortable here with this post.. :)

    But, its written in such a way, that I imagine it will make anyone uncomfortable...

    Thankfully I am a veggie...but I have seen some of the scenes you mentioned here...

    Have you seen the documentary 'Food Inc' ?

    If you have not, then you may like it. The Post reminded me of that.

  16. @Silence Unplugged : thnx for your Appreciation .
    @Mohamed Mughal :thx dude. I start writing the blog to express the vies that i feel should be displayed to the world ,you people.
    @Purvi : thx and u r welcome.
    @Sweety : yes i am a little more senstive to many things which many doesn't notice ...thx for Appreciation.
    @Red Handed : thx for your generous comments .
    @rama : thx mam for your so nice comments...i love the feeling that someone is feeling something that i felt while writing the blog. there are many things that currently we feel are ok with us....actually with the spritual evolvement everyone wlill understand the meaning of being a veggi.
    @My Never Ending Thoughts... : thx for motivation...always much needed.
    @Nasnin Nasse : yes thats what my motive was.thx for nice comments.....
    @Shreya : thanks shreya ...for Appreciation
    @Tangerine : hahahah why do you think this took me to put effords to reply to your comments.
    1) Everyone is gong to die yes but against his will???? We also will die but why do we punish the murderers???.
    2) yes he will die or killed by some other predator but atleast he will live a natural life , eat natural food , will live in a natural habitat. and also there is a huge difference between us and other predators(lion, eagle, cat or whatever). We are evolved physically, mentally , emotionaly and spritually. we know value of a life,we don't do sex with our siblings, we meditate, we are aware of our emotions and lastly we have alternatives to go after.
    3)My point is why to cut him at first place when we know that we have alternatives.Can one cut his/her brother or mother or for the matter anyone???.....they are gonna die nyways .

    thake the comments light heartly ha.......these are all my thoughts no intentions to hurt you or anything , i ate everything (chiken, mutton, fish) to have a feel of what so wonderful about, but i found nothing maybe because i love animals and feel very angushed when they are cut down.
    @padmaja : thx for finding it powerfull enough. thx.
    @Gayatri : thx thx thx.
    @???PhilO??? : thx for understanding.
    @Kunal : It will be my achievment if anyone will feel uncomfortable with the portrayal. Yes i have seen FOOD INC. and i liked it. thx for suggetion and appretiation.

  17. :O
    That left a really big impact. I dont think i cant stop thinking of your post for a long long time.

    Im a veggie and I have a lot of friends who say "These animals have been grown to be eaten. Its like harvesting crops."
    I don't see it.

  18. Oh man, this was very touching.
    Nicely written.

  19. beautifully written.. makes u think... I always love the way u conclude..

  20. Beautifully crafted! I am a non-veggie and as much as I love eating Chicken, I want to quit too!

    Your post made me think! Bravo!

  21. I got reminded of the KFC video too, and I have a weird reason for continuing to be a non-vegetarian. Chuck it.
    This post was ridiculously well written, you actually made the chicken a part of our lives.

  22. Hi, glad to have visited your blog and loved reading your post ... same thoughts, yes :-) and btw yours is written better than mine. all the best.

  23. felt like i was sliced...
    poor creatures...

    Happy Christmas buddy...

  24. Very interesting! eating chicken scares me theses days. I feel bad.

  25. Glad that i landed here!
    Nicee blog u got...soulful post...u made the chicken talk like a human..and pour out his emotions, agony,fears, hopes..i had quit non veg last year, and may be after reading this i wud nvr start consuming it again ...thanks for a wonderful post..