Monday, 21 November 2011

Pleasure of Being Alone...1...

           Do you know pleasure of being lonely, anyways yes or no, let me start my blog by telling you what it’s all about. sky is dusky, house empty, room is purple and my mood is blue ,Tired of whole day of work, speculations, , struggling ,planning and displaying intellect more than that exists .

           Similar to a child returning to his mother after the play is over, when he went to play he was brimming with enthusiasm but now it’s enough of the games, some silence is needed some seclusion will be required, and to make you more informed I played the game called life.

            Entering the door key feels same as the last km for the marathon runner, the final destination. The place where I can be alive again or where I can die again. Room is Silent, dark, and may be little cold, as a graveyard, but with click of a switch some brightness is spared .Keeping the luggage of so called importance on the side, It feels urgent to get out of those narrow bottom trousers, those expensive shining black shoes, that designer tie which in the morning felt like the synonym of status, the passport for my social acceptance, now feels like a burnt plastic wrapped all over me, burning me, hurting me….. Feeling desperate to get out of it in a second or less. With short tense breaths and pounding heart finally I get over it …and thus got over my cocoon, the dress code. The dress which makes me worthy in the morning lies there on the floor like some worthless shit.

              Breath turns normal, as now my body can breath, fingers of my legs are no longer stuck in some jimmy choo hole, and my neck is free of that deadly knot. The natural rhythm takes its place as I am naturally naked once again. No external burden but a little internal stress I move to the bath with heavy breath….the steam escaping from the hot droplets of water coming out of the shower...wrapping the body, which carried my soul for the day. For a movement the burning sensation and then that feeling of eternal relaxation…… be continued


  1. Great post sire, life and its insane pace takes a toll on our mental peace and Waiting for more. sanity.
    Welcome to the blogging world

  2. Oiii new to blogger ha.. WELCOME :)
    Ohh and nice read!

  3. So true..
    Welcome to blog space :)
    Hope to see more of your musings..And would wait what happens next as you unroll your self to your loneliness that gives you the pleasure :)

    Keep smilin always!

  4. @Red Handed : thanks for appreciation but sire is like....hahaha...i have read your posts and i am like too junior novice to you in this space...thanks for being my first comment ever..

    @Confused Soul : thanks.

    @Alcina : thank u very much...the next part will be soon updated.

  5. you got me at the title!!!!
    I Pretty much relate to it! Loved it, instantly.

    Ps-I love how u write!:)

  6. @One Life.Many Moments. : thanx for loving it.