Sunday, 27 November 2011

A blameworthy Suhagraat

            It was their suhagraat. The mansion was dazzling, like thousand suns burning at once, their hearts were also burning but were dark, as a moonless night and the air in the room was heavy, like a concrete slab. She was on the left side of the bed and he was on the right, deciding the appropriate words to say.  She couldn’t swallow her spit and he was feeling hard to move, a strange numbness persisted.
             They had sex, a partial sex, just one penetration made him sick, and the veil was off. His errection was lost as he saw no red fluid ….”Aren’t you a virgin?” he questioned, sound filled with wrath and she acknowledged “no, I am not” with her soundless lips and talking eyes. He pushed her away from himself, like something in her made him feel grotesque.
           She looked at him with gullibility. To make this awkward situation a little more comfortable, the words made their way through her mouth “but listen harsh……” and she listened the sound of a slap on her face. “Why didn’t you tell me before marriage, my life is ruined, you bloody slut”, he asked in a distressed tone. A shocked tear escaped from her eye, falling on her naked breast.
           She covered herself up in that bloody red sari, which she was wearing on her wedding night. She stood up and took the briefcase filled with her belongings,  “what are you doing? ” he panicked. The house was filled with the guests, and his honor was at the stake. He stood up in panic and held her, by her arms. “It hurts, leave me harsh”, and when he saw those stormy red wet eyes filled with the rage, he had to release her. Opening the door she turned back and asked “Are you a Ram?” and he was shocked but responded “…….but, I am a man” . She shouted the similar words again “Are You A Ram??” ….and a blameworthy silence prevailed, no response, just a hushed acceptance of not being a virgin himself and before slamming the door, the words she said “then why do you think you deserve a Sita” ,shook his soul to its core.


  1. nice thought, a sensitive topic has been handled well, apart from grammatical errors :

    why didnt you TELL me before
    FALLING on her naked breast
    shocked but RESPONDED...

    P:S - I hope this dsnt sour your mood, i hope its taken in a positive mannner:)... Happy Writing :)

  2. Thanks for Appreciation.
    Also thx for bringing the mistakes to my notice .....i definetly appreciate that , as i am new here i am in love with the feedbacks.

  3. So true in India. Here boys can accept a non-virgin girlfriend but not a non-virgin wife. Such a cheap thinking most of them have. Thanks for coming up with this post. Following you.

  4. Very intensely written...
    I hope the so called "MEN" read this and learn some lessons :)

  5. @Sneha Sunny : yes indeed it is like that till now in India....with education the things are changing but it will take a while before some significant changes come in the very fabric of the society.

    @Purvi said : thanks for appreciation .

  6. Nice Post! Handled well :)

    And thanks for visiting my blog :) Following you now :)

  7. loveeed it!
    I really hate men who want a woman to be virgin when he himself isnt one. But yes a woman shud disclose her past before marriage
    Loved how u narrated this
    Btw I wasnt getting ur posts update on my dashboard. So I had to unfollow n follow again. Hopefully I will get it from now.
    Thankyou for tht lovely comment on my blogpost

  8. Say what a peculiar name..any particular reasons why?

  9. Also i loved the post.
    I don't really know what to say to this....I mean its got me a bit spellbound.
    I think suhaagraats are overrated. I mean, the world is deciding on the entire world and the stars will decide when to have sex with your beloved husband, after an entire ordeal of ceremonies.
    And obviously , the husband is never the first love of the girl always, she had enough innuendos before as well

  10. @Tangerine : after reading the post you would had understood the meaning of the title .title means "the first wedding night which can be blamed for the wrongdoings of the characters involved in it".
    waise thx for the appritiation.....and sharing your perspective.

  11. Aaah.. a tricky situation handled well.. nice post man.. loved the way u brought the point out so strongly and yet effectively.. aah, the first night drama.. let's face it, its just a farce frm the yesteryears :)

    Gud read man :)

  12. That was a brilliant thought executed aptly in apt tempo and apt words! I specially liked the short crispy exchanges flaming each other:)Keep going:) Thanks for visiting my page and commenting:)

  13. I meant your name, why do yu call urself guilty conscience

  14. @R-A-J : thanks dude for appritiation and putting up your vies, but in today's india also there are many clusturs of societies where men feel pretty disgused about their wife getting intimate with someone else(before marrige).

    @Nasnin Nasser :thx for the moivating and inspiring analysis....u r wcm.

    @Tangerine : ok ok ...sure, but i feel exaplaning it in the comment box will be a little unjustified . My next update will be a article on the same(Philosophy of a guilty conscience).

  15. Heya...alryt dude...I dunno ur name...I guess name is where ppl vegin interactions abt writing sumthing as wonderful as u did ( in this post) on Name as well;).....Stunning images, and I love the boldness. Reminds me of a poem I wrote recently titled 'fidelity' maybe u'd be interested in reading that one..:)
    I so agree with ur thoughts....ah! this discourse of masculinity and questioning women and her authenticity!! I'm enraged. but don't have much to say beyond this coz ur story says it all!!:)

  16. PS: It's begin* ( typo error) and yes..that poem of mine is yet to be published as a blogpost:)

  17. Very well narrated. Very well. I have recently started appreciating fiction and this deserves to be read.

    The Ram, Sita conversation, is done subtly but haunts the reader to pay attention and think.

  18. Only one word Wao, when it started i never thought this will be the end. Kudos

  19. if boys dont mind getting some before marriage they wouldnt mind their wives having some before marriage either. They say it right, a man is ruled his dicke (ego).

  20. Interesting--the cultural differences between your Peeps and mine. Virginity in U.S. would be understood lost, long before ever a marriage was even considered.

    Whether good or bad, that is for others to figure out--not me. "Live...and let live."

    Highly unusual to marry one who is still a virgin.

    Saw you in Kavita's blog about pictorial of northeast India. You write well. Mistakes are normal for most, unless we are paid--grin!



  21. @akriti : thx thx thx for such a lovely comment. thanks for understanding the essence of it.
    Nyways I am Paras Madhwan, live in NCR, and work at wipro that enough loll.

    @ TheBluntBlogger : thanks mam for your analytical comments. that will definety motivate me to write more creative stuff.

    @Ketan Patil : thx dude for hthe nice comment.

    @Steve E : yes steve the scence is changing drastically in certain section of urban societies. but most part of popullation is still stuck with this virginity thinkg.
    yes correcting the mistakes and all thats why i am here to experience more in writing n reading .

  22. A woman does not necessarily have to bleed on her first night even if she's a virgin.
    There is much more to it than just blood.
    But never the less, males who think like the one in your post will never know neither understand the difference.
    Great post!

  23. There are theories that even Ram wasn't the ideal husband because he sent off his wife on accusations made by a certain someone because his pride was too dear to him. I don't support or refute the theory, cos its only a theory after all.
    Coming to the post, I liked the use of the Ram-Sita thingie, but thinking of it, I wonder why a female who is not a virgin is a slut and a guy a stud. Rules of nature and the society screw females on places.
    I liked how this post sketched something in my mind .. and the use of 'bloody' red sari only added to the appeal.

  24. It's so easy to be judgmental. It's so difficult to accept your own imperfections.

    Wonderfully written.


  25. AMAZING POST ! Hats of to that girl :) Loved it!

  26. Loved the way you put it!
    It really is sad that guys who aren't virgins themselves expect their wives to be.

  27. Woaaa,,,:P I just asked ur name :P: got it!! thank u..

  28. Good! thats called courage...
    quite a bold statement!

  29. hey thanks alot buddy for visiting my blog and awesome topic never read anything like this before keep writing bro..

  30. This is a great post. It is such a pressing topic and you've expressed the double standards that people have very well. Keep writing :)


  31. Bold topic but nicely written.
    If the blood does not come that does not mean girl is not virgin and the case is mostly with the athletes and girls active in Gym and sports.

    Ultimate post and thoroughly enjoyed. Keep up the good work

  32. I really like it and sharing it on Facebook.

    Thanks for coming on my blog..